Your First Rails Project: Success!


I have completed the deployment successfully; and happily say it went off without much trouble. :speak_no_evil: Though I’ve some experience working with git or other bits of it, never have I used them all together. Still had no clue what was really happening beyond what conceptual I could put together from the commands being run. My experience with cli stuff is not too shabby so I really felt I got a good grasp of “what” I was making happen with the command, and that felt nice. Just wanted to post again to maintain my momentum :bug: :man_technologist::sunny::crescent_moon::fire::snowflake::umbrella::rainbow::sun_with_face::man_technologist::full_moon_with_face::star::person_climbing::massage_man::butterfly::pray::raised_hands:


Nice Work! Keep it up


Good job @blablbalb