Xubuntu Software Updater, "Check Internet Connection"

Hello. I’m brand new to Linux, but I have used VirtualBox before. The issue I’m having is that I can’t seem to connect to the internet inside my VM. My host is Microsoft 10 and the internet is working fine there. I’ve tried a bunch of things including uninstalling/reinstalling VirtualBox completely.

I’m just trying to run the software updater. The exact error message I get is:

I currently have the network settings on NAT, but I have also tried a Bridged Adapter pointing directly to my Intel wifi network adapter, but still nothing. I’m aware of the “Cable Connected” box in advanced network settings as well as the “Connect Network Adapter” icon under Devices>Network and those are both checked. I also tried installing the newest version of Ubuntu as a separate VM and I’m getting the same problem, so it seems like its an issue with VirtualBox…?

**! Edit: I just tried using an ethernet connection and NAT still didn’t work, but when I did a bridged adapter using “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.” The internet finally worked in Xubuntu. The problem is I can’t always be plugged in. I’m so confused. **

Note: (I don’t know if this is related, but a few days ago I wasn’t able to connect to the internet at all in my home due to a ‘DNS resolution issue’ according to the windows troubleshooter, and restarting the router didn’t do anything. The internet just suddenly started working again and I don’t really know why.)

Thanks in advance. Let me know what other information I need to provide to get this fixed.