Xubuntu requests password when none was set


I’ve googled this and people have said to use some console commands to reset the password. The only problem is, is that when I try to do this, my keyboard is unresponsive.

I attempted to load up the, “soft keyboard,” but Xubuntu does not receive any input from this either. I have no way of interacting with my VM.


Not sure if it helps but whenever you type a password into your terminal, you may not see any visual indication of what you’re typing because it’s a security feature. Again, not sure if that was what you were experiencing :slight_smile:


If you mean that you dont see any character in the prompt when you are typing your password that is normal in UNIX operating systems because security reasons. Try to enter your password when it is required and press enter.
Edit: if you dont have set any password you just press enter when it asks for your password.