Www.theodinproject.com/faq FIX LINK


Hey guys, sorry I searched your github but couldn’t find the file to submit a pull request.
Soooo, I was reading the FAQ of your site and I found a broken link:
Finally, The Odin Project will teach you to work with legacy codebases and open-source projects. We’ll also cover areas specifically intended to help when you’re looking for employment.

I think the correct one should be:


Hi @AlexandreLeFou

The FAQ questions are kept as part of the main repo here https://github.com/TheOdinProject/theodinproject/blob/master/app/helpers/application_helper.rb

Do you want to make the change yourself or are you happy for this to be handled internally?


I have made a pull request (as I have learned from uploading my own solutions from Web 101 course).
I think I did it correctly + I am happy I could for the first time -even with such a simple task- help TOP :slight_smile:


Did you pull it as it disappeared?


I don’t understand the question.
I pull it as it is a broken link()


It’s not showing. I think there is an issue at the moment with github so let’s wait and see if it is resolved.


Oh ok I shall see if it is fixed in the ‘‘original web site’’/github repo in the evening/night today and if it is not I shall re-make a pull request.
I know it is simple but I am pretty proud for finding and fixing even this small mistake and contributing haha :smiley:


Obviously(just seen my email), all set and done.
I am really happy for the opportunity to help etc. Cheers :smiley:


Cool. Thanks for the fix. This is how most people contribute to open source. It’s not all huge PR’s with groundbreaking changes.