Windows 10 User Unable to Download VirtualBox



I am new to The Odin Project. I am trying to do the beginning software installation with my Windows 10 PC. I prefer the Virtual Machine option, but I cannot download VirtualBox. I am following the provided instructions to the downloads page of VirtualBox, but when I click on the Windows Installer download, my browser tells me that the download site is unsecure. If I bypass this, I am brought to a page that says “An Unauthorized Request” with no option to download. I searched this forum and the VirtualBox forums for a solution, but I have not found anything.


Yeah having the same issue. When I uninstalled my website blocker (extra security for websites) it still didn’t work and just kept loading and loading. I’m not entirely sure what it is because apparently for a lot it’s working just fine.


I was getting the same issue last night and today. I would get a range of errors with the latest being a Bad Certificate error. I was able to download VirtualBox when I stumbled upon this link which seems to be from the same website, just a different area.


Thank you for the link. I was able to download the software from a different browser. Oracle seems to have a problem with their security certificates which Firefox does not like.