Will school supplement or distract my TOP journey?


Hi all! Here’s my situation:

My wife and I are American and have been living in Belgium for about a year while she works on her Master’s degree. I spend my days here following TOP curriculum with the goal of a starting a new career path (first career: recreational therapist). I’m about halfway done and am currently working on the Ruby on Rails course.

Initial problem: I can legally stay in Belgium only until fall 2019, but my wife will be here until fall 2020.
Solution: I am enrolling in a one-year advanced Bachelor’s program that will allow me to stay here as a student until my wife finishes her studies. I have explored all other options for staying in the country and this is the most practical one.

Current problem: My original plan was to enroll as a student just to be able to legally stay in the country, but to continue studying TOP full time. Now I am wondering if actually completing the degree program would make me a better candidate when I eventually apply for web developer jobs. This would mean, however, that TOP would become a part-time thing.
Question: If I’m going to apply for web development jobs, will an employer value what I learn from a non-programming related degree in “business design thinking and innovation”, or should I continue full steam ahead with TOP and ignore the school opportunity?


I would always personally recommend a formal education. Staying with TOP part time will still help you learn the skills you need.


Thanks for the response. I realized I forgot to mention I already have a four-year Bachelor’s degree. This one-year program would be an additional degree to what I already have, and I just am not sure if the degree content (International Business - Design Thinking and Innovation) would be of interest to a future employer if my goal is to be a web developer. Any thoughts?


It never hurts to have more qualifications is my personal belief. Depends how quickly you want a web dev job. A lot of people do TOP part time and still have success.