Wifi Adapter Issue in Linux Ubuntu 18.04.2


Hey All,

Like @Max_Vome back in October last year, I have a Lenovo Yoga (C930) and encountered some wifi adapter issues installing Linux distro Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. I also encountered a “no wifi adapter found” and I too found the thread from @AlexandreLeFou on Askubuntu about the possible fix for that. However, as far as I’ve found; it doesn’t work. I found a temporary fix in the following code: sudo modprobe -r ideapad_laptop, which fixes the issue only for the current session. Once I log off and shutdown and login the next time, the wifi connectivity is gone again. Is there a kernel or driver I am missing?? Help! and Thank you!! :smile:


Not sure what wifi card your laptop may have, but have you tried going into software and settings and going to the additional drivers tab? Sometimes you’ll find a proprietary driver that needs to be installed if it gives you the option. You may need to be hardwired to download the driver.