Why join paid later program if TOP is free



Guys am just curious, is it worth it to join pay later programs like lambda, microverse, etc which markets a pay when you get a job model whilst we have The ODIN Project which does same as they are doing


I think those programs are targeted at people who don’t know about all the free resources out there. I used to work this one company that thought spending money ensured quality. But, thankfully, that hasn’t been my experience. Everything I’ve spent money on as far as learning has always been a pale comparison to free resources like TOP.

I’m curious to know if you’ve had the same experience, or if you’ve had good experiences with those programs!


I am starting one this October i pay when i get a job but am having second thoughts


Ah okay I see what you mean. Do you have to pay them or does it come out of your first paycheck if you’re hired. And, do you have to pay them even if you don’t get a job right away?


you only pay 15% of your salary if you start earning above $ 1k till it accumulates to $15k
You pay nothing till you get a job its flexible


Ahhh okay. Well, so it’ll be like being in a higher tax bracket for a little while. Still cheaper than one semester at a lot of colleges. No idea if this helps or if you’ve already heard of it (this was the first I saw it). But apparently you may be able to use a FASFA program called EQUIP to pay for it - https://tech.ed.gov/equip/


Checking it out


A lot of the bootcamps/schools really help with getting you a job. Mostly you pay for the networking i’d say.


ohk cool


it’ll be like being in a higher tax bracket for a little while

Good analogy :+1: