Which Track on the Odin Project?


which track should I take?
I learned the python syntax with the book ‘automate the boring stuff with python’ and now i wanted to learn web dev.

Ruby Fullstack or Javascript Fullstack? Can someone tell me the pros and cons for learning each?

Which is better for the future?


This isn’t a direct answer, but it can help you think about the question: https://medium.com/@bycdiaz/choosing-the-right-language-a-short-guide-on-how-not-to-ruin-your-career-2b353be1371

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Simplest answer to a not so simple question, and strictly in my own opinion, is Ruby. For someone coming from Python, you’ll find the syntax nearly identical.
However, despite the attractiveness of choosing one based on ease of learning, I don’t think that should be your main motivation.
I love Ruby. It’s elegant, simple and powerful. It’s used mostly on the server side, but offers front-end features like ERB, given a framework like Sinatra or Rails. Not to mention, there is a ton of Gems that can help achieve most tasks.
JavaScript on the other hand is what’s hot right now. Everyone and their cousin, including me, is learning it, using it or building a framework on it lol.
You can do so much more with it. There’s an endless amount of libraries and frameworks that’ll help achieve anything. From adding some bling and interactions to a boring web page, to visualizing data and even a fully configured application. You can run it pretty much anywhere, browser, server, or even native with new libraries like React, and Vue.
Basically, deciding what your goals are, will help direct you to the right one. I say why one over the other? The more the merrier :joy:


I would go with Node. My impression is that Ruby is dying. Another option is to learn flask/django and build backends in python. For flask I highly recomment the Flask MegaTutorial by Michael Grindberg. 100% free on his website, takes 1-2 weeks to get through.

Learning a dying language is only a problem if a learner has 0 intention to ever learn something new.

But also, what gave you the impression that Ruby is dying?

Most stuff I see dying are JavaScript related, specifically its frameworks, just google it how many JS frameworks out there, and they keep shifting() && pushing()

Also node is being replace by deno, written by the creator of node… maybe few years from now deno will be replace by oned and so on and so forth