Where is the pre-installed web browser


I’ve finished installing my VM with Xubuntu. I’m ready to start working completely in the VM. Where do I find the pre-installed browser so I can open The Odin Project website within the VM?


Hello Tamisha, did you manage to solve your problem? I can not seem to find it either.


Yes, Right click your desk top…Go to Applications…Click Web Browser!


Brilliant, thanks.


When you find the browser (as Tamisha said to), right click it and add it add to desktop to make it easier to find.

If you want an faster way to to open a webpage you are working on, you can do it via the command line, type xdg-open <filename>

so if your file is called index.html then typing xdg-open index.html will open index.html in your default browser for testing. Remeber that if you are not in the same working directory as the file you want to open, you have to put the whole file path.

Why do I say this? Well, because if you are working in Visual Studio Code, it has a built in terminal window that you can display the bottom of the code screen, and it mimics the normal linux terminal. So you can type all your commands in there and never have to alt tab to a new window or minimize to the desktop/folder view. It can be opened via View > Terminal or pressing ctrl+` You can do everything you normally do in the terminal window, including git commands.


Wow, that is Awesome! Thank you.