Where do I save my work to push it?

Hi everyone! I’m new here, and I don’t fully understand how to “submit” the tasks given.
So, I look up the videos about github to make the pull requests, but I’m wondering, I’d fork the curriculum and I already clone it to my computer, do I need to save the files in that folder?
I already finish the Rock Paper Scissors task, but do I have to put it in the curriculum/web_development_101/javascript_basics to push it to my forked curriculum and then do the pull request?
I know it’s a silly question, but I find this way a little messy with all the files that are already there.


Have you finished the lesson where you learn to use git?

When you submit your solution, you just add a link to your project on GitHub. In the directory you mentioned, there’s a file containing the HTML for the rock paper scissors page.

You will then see a bunch of links, follow the exact format with your own project. Simply add your repo to the end.

Since you already watched the video, just remember to pull any changes from the official repo to yours, then add the link to your forked copy, and finally go to GitHub where it will prompt you to make a pull request.

If you need more help, feel free to ask for clarification. I will admit that making pull requests can be very daunting. So no pressure and take your time. :}

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So just to be sure, what I will really be pushing, is just the html for the rock paper scissors page, updated with my actual html solution link on it? That makes so much sense! Thank you so much! And yes, I finished the git lesson, so I’m trying to use it as much as I can.

So GitHub allows you to have your page hosted with them, allowing you to view your website online (should be in the settings, it will give you a link).

You will be pushing just links to the curriculum’s official repository. A link to your project’s repository, and then a link to view it in your browser. If the latter is too confusing, you can ask for more help. I’m not elobrating like I usually do since I don’t have my laptop handy :sweat_smile:

E.g. here’s my commit
[Eduardo06sp's Solution](https://github.com/Eduardo06sp/rock-paper-scissors) - [View in Browser](https://eduardo06sp.github.io/rock-paper-scissors/)

I totally get it, thank you so much for your help and your time!

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