What's up fellow learners!


Hey everyone!

My name is Anthony and I’m from Maryland! I’ve actually been a junior web developer for a year now, working with React and C#. I’m here because I have a goal of building my own applications from scratch, and I want to accelerate my learning process as learning on the job isn’t sufficient for me.

My dream is to become the best developer I can be, because I’ve learned that sticking with something for a long term gives me tons of happiness! Developing is the right choice because of it’s creative and problem-solving qualities!

I’ve never spent considerable amounts of time outside of work teaching myself the details, so I can’t wait to work with you all to grow together through this journey toward software engineering expertise!

We can do it!!!



Welcome Anthony,

Great to have you here.


Hi Anthony,


I am looking to pair up with anyone who is serious about completing the full program. I learned Pascal in the past and I never put it to good use. But, I am sure it is stored somewhere and I will be working very hard to extract it.

I started yesterday and I already covered all the Intro and organized a study library. Therefore, I will start the program as soon as I have written ten pair-up petitions or so with the hope of securing a partner.

If you wish to be my study partner, I am ready to go!




Hi Vilma,

I would like to pair up with you, if you are still available! I think learning with people can be a great way to push toward the end.



Hi Tony,

Thank you for responding partner.

The only thing is that now I am stuck because my OS is limiting my access to almost everywhere.

After spending my full weekend trying to go around all the ‘you do not have permission to…’, today I spent time trying to get a “GNU/LINUX” OS. It is recommended by the Free Software Foundation.

I hope https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/download.html will assist me tomorrow as they are close for the day and the internet download is not responding.

As soon as I resolve this issue I will be able to get back to studying.

Thank you.