What's the shortcut to switch between windows inside the Ubunutu VirtualBox environment?


All I could find from a Google search were keyboard shortcuts that operated outwith the VirtualBox environment, switching between Windows’ windows, or switching between browser tabs while inside VirtualBox.

It’s a bit annoying having to continually use my mouse to click when I want to switch between scrolling through the course material and entering commands into terminal.

It’s not a massive problem or anything but it would be good if I could do so.


I believe that Alt+Tab works exactly like it does in Windows. Your issue when googling is probably that your including Virtualbox in the search, when this is strictly a Ubuntu question.


A couple other tips to help you with this, you can paste highlighted text by clicking the middle mouse button (or left clicking and right clicking at the same time). For example, highlight the following (dont click copy or anything, just highlight)

echo "Linux is fun!"

Then middle mouse click on your terminal!

Tab completion is also super useful when entering commands, for example if you type in ls and see the following folder:


You can just type in the first couple letters and hit tab to have it fill in the rest for you!


That’s a really cool copy/paste shortcut. I’ll be sure to use that.

Unfortunately alt-tab doesn’t work. It cycles between my open Windows windows. For example, I have Terminal and Firefox open in Ubuntu, but when I alt-tab, it cycles between, at the moment, VBox, VBox’s running OS which is Ubuntu, and Task Manager which is the only other application I have open.

I’m looking to cycle between Firefox and Terminal, within Ubuntu. I’m sure it must be a simple matter of changing something in settings or something like that, but I have no clue which ones.