What if TOP makes a internet meetup similar to Remote Ruby


I’m sure some of you here want to meetup, but obviously, due to geological reasons, that would be quite impossible.
I was actually think it would be grea if we have like a talk event like the ones by Remote Ruby, where we get a few of the more senior ones here to talk about more basic coding and productivity stuff, instead of pure tech talks where the listener is assumed to have a certain proficiency.

Any one think this is a good idea?

Thinking more about this,

  • I think it would be interesting as well to make some short videos discussing the projects in the TOP curriculum, such as in Basic 101 “Google Homepage” project. First, about the general tools(chrome dev inspect) and hints to do the project; then branching off into other more advance subjects such as using bootstrap or another CSS library to implement it; using grid to implement it etc.(This is just an example). I think it would be interesting to see how different people used different methods to tackle the same problem
  • I also think it would be interesting to have some short Q&A sessions with people who are hired or working full-time and talk about how they get prepared, and the more realistic(less rosy) view of being on the job


I love this idea. This could be setup to do a monthly talk. Potentially a podcast.