What do you think of the new JS101 Curriculum?


Any feedback is appreciated!

Did you go through it naturally as you went through WebDev101?
Did you go back to it from further along the course?

How hard was it?
How was the pacing?

Sharing the knowledge you had when you went it and your resulting experience would be a great benefit to us!

Returning pariah, of sorts

I’m the guy that organized and wrote most of the new JS content, and as Jonathan mentioned, any feedback would be really helpful.


Liked how up to date the new JS section was.I just felt that the sections called ‘fundamentals’ would’ve been better organized,easier to keep track of and would’ve looked better and been easier conceptualized if they were named after whatever subject they were tackling, rather than just being called "fundamental 1,2,3,4 etc.


I agree with @RomaneGreen, it would also help with SEO for those lessons.


I’m down with that for sure… Let’s make it happen.


If you wanted to keep the Fundamentals word in, you could call the sections like Fundamentals 5 “Fundamentals: Objects and Arrays”


yeeah @JonathanYiv that’s exactly what I have in mind.


Another option is you could consider changing the name of the section to ‘Javascript fundamentals’ rather than Javascript basics and then name the lessons after what they cover.


Looking to get back into it now that it’s in place. Hopefully I can still give some useful feedback, even after taking a month learning JS elsewhere.

For now at least, I can say that it looks engaging. Frankly, anything has to be better than the slogfest of the codecademy course. I still haven’t gotten round to finishing that!

Edit: On a reread, or twenty, I’ve realised that, depending on frame of mind, the above could be taken as a rather sarcastic “Oh, well done, but given the competition…” No, bad Negativity! Go sit in the naughty corner.


Hey guys, just a quick question. I’ve made it to the Rock, Paper, Scissors part of the course. Mostly enjoying it but I’ve got stuck a few times along the way and had to google for solutions.

Now, I find when I google, I end up coming across a lot of terms that I don’t really understand yet. I keep seeing people mention JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks. Things like Angular, React, jQuery, etc.

Can someone explain in simple language what these do? Do they make life easier for coding noobs like myself or should I not concern myself with them? I’ve had a look ahead at the rest of the Odin curriculum and can’t see any mention of them in the course.

(Thanks for your efforts with all of this guys, It’s really appreciated!)


It’s explained later on in the curriculum. If you’re curious you can take a look here.


Thanks for the that, Dvik. I received another e-mail today titled ‘‘New Javascript Course is Live!’’.
As I’m already at the Rock, Paper Scissors part, is there anything new that I should go back and look at, or should I just carry on?


@mcshazz I believe the email was referring to the course you’re on! It was just sent a little late is all