What computer for programming


As of yesterday my laptop crashed and shut down on me. Looking into getting a new one but on a tight budget, any suggestions for a good programming laptop for a good price?



What kind of laptop did you have?
I think it depends on what kind of programming you want to do or you are currently doing and what kind of software you run and the operating system as well.
I’ll go with something with Linux (Fedora :heart: ), but it’s all depending on what you want to run I believe.


@Aradrol assuming you have access to Amazon.com, I highly recommend looking at their list of “Amazon’s Choice” laptops. Their selection for Work laptops change from time to time and are usually $500 or less, sometimes more. For the price, they’re pretty impressive.


A refurbished Lenovo thinkpad t420 or t520 if you want the bigger screen. I can get one of these with i5 processor, 8gb ram and ssd drive for about 200 gbp on eBay in my country. Great little machines with plenty of upgrade potential.


You will get an AMD powered computer for less price than that of Intel. but–

If you will be using Android Studio someday, Get a computer with intel processor. As the emulator doesn’t work most of the time with AMD. Although you can find a way but It’s easier and better with Intel.
Many development tools in the market runs faster on Intel, As they are designed specially for Intel.

At last go for a DOS machine and install Linux manually. A DOS machine will cost lesser than other machine with preinstalled windows and Linux.


At the moment working with c++ and looking towards something with at 5i to 7i, if I can find something in the $300 would be preferable as I only work part time at a grocery store while attending school and trying to pay bills.