Website projects

Quick question: I’m a bit new here but when it comes to the projects that we build here at The Odin Project, would they be enough for us to include in our job applications for web development or would we need to put something more when applying for jobs? I’m a bit curious because, although I saw on some sites that TOP does help us with becoming career-ready through building projects, the solutions confuse me in that they can be easily seen on the projects pages before we even complete them.

The solutions you are referring are solutions that other students have submitted. Most often, they are links to a student’s repository, which contains said solutions.

A portfolio of projects is going to be the bread and butter of anyone applying for a web development role, whether they have a CS degree or not. Projects are meant to display an application of theory, and will be crucial to anyone hoping to get into the field.

That being said, there are other factors to consider, including some outside of TOP’s control: your local job market (or that of your preferred geography), your ability to network, and broader socio-economic trends (I guess?).