WebDev Fundamentals2 - repl.it assignment 5


Hey all :slight_smile:
as per the title, i’m going through the course and i’m doing these little exercises for practice.
I followed the instructions on the right and when i run the code myself the console.log output is correct, with 13 & 25 the correct % is displayed.
But when i try to submit the it gives me an error with ‘Output mismatch’ and it says that when the teacher tries the output is nothing
I’m not sure what i’m missing here :sweat_smile:


Hi @Ste-Cia

The issue was that you tried to assign to console.log.

You did console.log = whereas you just need to pass it an argument

console.log((perfectTest - missedTest) / perfectTest * 100) would work.


you’re right @CouchofTomato, thanks!

additionally i’ve spent another hour trying, getting a “TypeError: console.log is not a function” before refreshing and trying in a new environment, all because i had wrongly assigned stuff to console.log :man_facepalming:

thanks again!