Web Development 101 Setting Up Git (missing check step)


In this lesson, the goal is to create a git account and a ssh key to connect to it. The current steps for the ssh key are:

  1. ssh-keygen
  2. add key to github
  3. try to connect

While this will work most of the time, sometimes (especially if you already have an ssh key and/or used a different path than default), the key isn’t automatically added to ssh.
That’s why I think the following steps should be added at the end of the part “Step 2.4: Link Your SSH Key with GitHub”:

To verify that your new key is being used, enter this command:
ssh-add -l -E md5
The output should be: 2048 MD5:[the signature] [your email] (RSA)
If the output is “The agent has no identities.”, enter:
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Obviously the text can be modified but you get the idea. I believe this could be useful :grin:
Edit : made the modification on github, sorry I forgot about that


Hi @Welteam, will definitely include checking it when adding SSH keys in future. Though most times I always add it by default :sweat_smile:

I also use ed25519 keys instead of RSA as well.