Web Development 101 Git basics


Hi guys,

Just a heads up! This step on learning Git is not currently working: Now try Git from codeschool. Follow the exercises up to and including “1.11 Pushing Remotely” then jump back here.

I think codeschool has merged with another site. If you know of any other good resource feel free to let me know haha.


You can try this one, Learn Git Branching. It’s kinda similar to the Try Git course from codeschool.


Thanks for the heads-up @DavidC :+1: . It looks like someone made an issues on the main repository, which you can track here: https://github.com/TheOdinProject/curriculum/issues/7977


Looks like code school has been shut down https://medium.com/@pluralsight/best-of-code-school-moving-to-pluralsight-b1adf0280413

We’ll remove that assignment and see how students fare with the remaining 2. The Codeschool course was only there for repetition in any case.