Web Development 101 - Command Line Basics



The Command Line Basics assignment refers to a crash course on the command line which assumes we’re using a MAC.
As I’m using Ubuntu I found out that there are some differences between MAC and Linux terminals.
I’m a noob so I don’t know how significant these differences are, but one thing that I noticed right away is that the ‘open’ command does not exist in Linux terminal. I looked it up and found that ‘xdg-open’ is used to open files in an app from the Linux terminal.

Is there any supplemental resource for Linux users?



Hi @OPerel

Open is one of the differences but there aren’t many more. Most are absolutely the same.

That said, you might find https://www.learnenough.com/command-line-tutorial a good thorough tutorial.


Thanks again @CouchofTomato :pray: