Web Dev 101 Pair Project - Looking for partner to begin the pomodoro project with


Hi Guys

UK based but i’m reasonably flexible with times that I can allocate for working together on the project.
I’m just finishing up with some bugs in the calculator project so will be looking to move onto the pomodoro as soon as I have a pair lined up.

My method for working through every previous project throughout the course has been to go to myself “oh for fuck sake this is hard”, and then eventually get there in the end. If that works with you then please let me know.



Heyy I live in The Netherlands (UTC+1) so it’d be great if we could pair up! When do you have time? I can work on it for a few hours today, Friday morning/early afternoon and the rest of the weekend.


Hey there. Sweet lets pair up then.

I can do Friday morning and early afternoon to start with? Let me know what time you want to start and I’ll make sure I’m at the desk.

My discord user is kuzutov#4500 - pop me a message whenever so we have each other.

Speak soon


Hey folks. Throwing my name out here too as I’m just getting to the pairing project.


We are going to have a bash at pair programming tomorrow but i’m also up for bouncing off anyone whose at a similar stage in learning as me if you ever want.


Hello mjwills-inf, I am looking for someone to do the paired programming portion of this project. I am following the full stack node.js track. I am on the east coast and have a full time job so I will be working 2 - 3 hours a day in the evenings. Let me know if you want to team up! thank you!