Web Browser Version of Heroku


Is it possible to simply use the web version of Heroku when we deploy our apps? I’d prefer not having to install their app if possible. When I tried the browser before, I got the error about Bundler2 packs and wasn’t quite sure how to fix it via the browser. I just want to know if it is possible, and if so, I can figure out the work around.

Thank you!


Can you provide a bit more context about what you are trying to do?


Sure. Instead of installing the heroku cli app, I am wondering if I can login via a web browser and upload the project that way. Alternatively, could I grant heroku access to my git repo and pull it from there via a browser?


Yes, if you go to the heroku dashboard and create a new app the next page allows you to connect it to a github repo.

I’ve never done it personally but if you run into any issues I might be able to assist.


@perfectedinterest As CouchofTomato was saying you can connect it to your github and then start a new application in Heroku. After you start a new app, there are deploy instructions for you to add commit and push your code from bash to Heroku for display. Not sure what type of app you are creating but you may require plugins such as JawsDB for MySQL projects, etc…