VPN to access Heroku


Hi guys, I’m having problems adding the SSH key to Heroku. When the website opens in my browser for the login, the page doesn’t load. I think I need a VPN, but the one I currently use only works on Windows. Any suggestions on what VPN to use on Linux (possibly free :D)?


Hi @AliAiLi,

Which one do you currently use?


I’m using Psiphon 3. I tried to pass it to the virtual machne but it didn’t seem to be working.


Yeah that seems to be only for windows or android.

I don’t know of any free VPN’s I’m afraid.


I found one called Windscribe that has a Linux version. But I’m not experienced enough to understand if it would be safe to install. These are the instructions they provide.


No idea. I’ve never heard of them. Have a google for some reviews.


Will do. Thanks anyway ^^