Virtual Box verus Hyper-V? Which is better for running Linux for the project odin stuff?

I saw on virtualbox reddit and other places that Hyper-V has better performance than the virtual box. My virtual box is lagging a little and I am wondering if anyone inform of what to do. Thanks.

Sadly i dont have experience with hyper-v.

Probably you already read about this but just in case.

If its lagging dependens of the SO you installed in the virtual machine, how you set up it, and what type of machine you have.

When you set up the virtual machine you set up how much resources it can grab from the host (your windows machine) to run another operative system.

Make sure the ram and disk space you set up are beyond the minimum requereiments and if you can use the recomended requeriments. Of course the requeriments of each OS are different.

If you computer doesnt suport having windows sharing resources with linux very well you can try with a ligther distribution like xubuntu (more ligther is lubuntu but isnt the recomendation of the page)

If none of this helps you i would try what you said about hyper-v. Also ask this in the discord server maybe someone else has experience with hyper-v or another virtualization technology.

What are your system specs?

I have a cheap Lenovo IdeaPad with a 2.3GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. It was not able to handle Virtual Box at all, crashing every time, even when allocating the least amount of resources possible. If your device has sufficient memory, it should be able to handle Virtual Box, but from my experience, virtual machines tend to be more slow than running directly off hardware.

Zeon 8 core (E1505) 2.8 Ghz

I personally prefer VirtualBox to Hyper-V for local Linux VMs. Windows VMs run well in Hyper-V, but Linux requires extra configuration to get it working to my liking. I’ve run Hyper-V both in production (Hyper-V server for multiple production boxes) and locally.

Hyper-V has definitely gotten better, they even have pre-canned Ubuntu desktop images you can fire right up now… those images will work immediately without the extra setup. But if you are configuring your own VM, I’ve run Ubuntu, Centos, Open/FreeBSD you name it and IMHO VirtualBox is much less hassle. Also keep in mind Hyper-V and VirtualBox don’t play nice on the same machine (to run Virtualbox you have to disable Hyper-V once the feature is installed).

I currently run Hyper-V on the desktop (Win10) because I used it to setup Docker, and when I switch to my laptop with Ubuntu VirtualBox feels like a breath of fresh air.

I am new to Project Odin and am just starting on my little coding journey here, but my occupation has generally involved the network / sysadmin side. I’m not sure if you’re trying to run more of a headless server type VM or if you need the full desktop experience (full desktop again you can fire up a nice canned ubuntu VM in Hyper-V) - but after running both for many years both professionally in production and personally on Desktop, I gotta say VirtualBox gets my vote every time. Hyper-V is great in production for Windows Server VMs and when you’re doing powershell stuff (you can script / automate a lot of hyper-v in powershell) but for Linux I’d go virtualbox personally. Much less hassle.

I might be wrong but my answer is based on years of pain :slight_smile: (Started running Hyper-V in production around 2015). With those specs you really shouldn’t be seeing lag - I have almost the exact same specs except I’m on i7 instead of Xeon and I’ve got an Ubuntu 20.04 VM that runs like butter.