Virginia Looking for Pair (Beginner)


Greetings!! Well, as finding the right pair seems pretty important here is a bit about me. I’m 39 and have dabbled in coding throughout my life. C++ way back when and some basic HTML/CSS stuff. So for all intents and purposes I am a total noob. I currently own my own vapeshop and work 7 days a week. Lots of downtime though and have decided coding is the next chapter in my life.

I am ex-military, so I love the “team” aspect. I feel I work well with others and enjoy motivating and encouraging those around me. I love taking an idea and building something from it. Look forward to building something great with you all!


This might be a strange question, but do you live in Stafford? Vapamotive is a veteran owned vapeshop here. I live in Stafford, VA currently and am pretty far along in the curriculum, but would love to help you out if need be.


That’s awesome! I the owner of Lake Anna Vapes though, but very familiar with their shop. I would love any help and/or advice you might have. Being so close, no telling what we might get opportunity to work on.


Oh that’s cool! Though I’m not familiar enough with the Lake Anna area to know where that is. Absolutely, I would like to pair sometime if you’re down, I think it would be helpful to both of us. I can help you get going a bit quicker with the course and I can certainly help with anything you need.

My best advice would be to know that everyone’s journey here is different, so take your time to really solidify what the course is teaching. There was a time where I was getting worked up about things taking longer than I wanted them to. I’ve been at it full time for 6 months now, and about 3 months part-time before that. But ultimately I realized that everyone will complete this at a different pace with different areas of focus.

Also, find places to get involved and network early on. Use social media like Meetup to find any groups in your area you might benefit from. Currently I am involved in some groups in Fredericksburg that host web and software developers from the area. We get together and present on different topics, meet for coffee to take a break from code and chill, and sometimes we go out for food and beers. It is really nice to bring what you learn out of the internet and into your community. Not sure if that is a bit of a drive or not but if you’re interested you’re welcome to join some time. I’m actually one of the few people developing in Rails (thanks to this course) in the group, and I will be presenting on what I’ve learned here in August.

Lastly, if you continue down this road, there will be a time where you feel like you need to learn every programming language, framework, and algorithm out there. Don’t stress that, it’s really counter-productive and unnecessary. There are so many areas in this field to work in and a lot of job openings, so take your time to find what you like the most. It will take a while I imagine. This field is vast and web development is only one area of focus. I’m not sure whether I will stick with web for my whole career or not, which is part of why the tech sector is so exciting to me.


Man that’s awesome of you. Thank you very much for the invite and I will have to take you up on it. I work my shop 7 days a week so will be about finding the time. That being said, I about 30 minutes past Fredricksburg, maybe host an event here or something if you’re looking for a venue. Offer stands anytime.

Because I am at my shop from 7am til 8pm everyday there is alot of down time. I’ve always been interested in coding and the like but just never had the means nor time to give it it’s just do. Now that that has changed, it’s more about knowledge for me. I have a few side projects I’d like to do, but their no real “goal” for me to reach…at least yet. As I get going, that may change if it hooks me like I believe it will.

A million thank you’s for taking the time to reach out, really cool. I am just really getting started, should be hitting your intro to Rails soon. So feel free to offer any beginners tips or “things you wish you knew” moments to me.


Awesome, thanks for the invite. Most of us live in the Fburg or Stafford areas so I imagine it would be hard to convince the group to go somewhere else, but I will certainly mention it to them. We should talk about your side projects some time, I’d be interested to hear about them. I would advise taking time to work through the relevant sections of the curriculum before you get a start on your projects though, it will make things smoother and faster (depending on if this curriculum covers the tools you will need for the projects or not).

As far as intro to rails goes, TBH, none of it made any sense to me until after I learned Ruby. Because rails is written in Ruby, you probably won’t understand the function of the code you write in its fullest until after the Ruby course. Also, there are a lot of moving parts involved with Rails, so don’t feel like you should know what is going on in the intro. I’m getting towards the Rails final project and I’m still shaky on a lot of things. With that being said, I have also made massive gains in my knowledge and efficiency in rails. Things that used to take me 30 minutes may now take only 5. You’ll sharpen up a lot as you repeat certain steps throughout your projects and think through the problems you are trying to solve.

This experience has taught me that some people are naturally better at programming than others and that no matter who you are, it is going to take a lot of practice to get better at coding. I used to think because it didn’t immediately click for me that I wasn’t cut out for it, but in reality, most people practice coding rigorously to improve because they are driven and because they enjoy the challenge. It can be frustrating at first but it’s always rewarding to me.

A lot of the curriculum in this course is fed to you quickly and afterwards you may feel like you can’t remember what you just learned. You really have to fail at something or try implementing it on your own to solidify the knowledge. I’m constantly going back to previous sections to re-read things and reading documentation and stack overflow when I get stuck. I also use bookmark utilities on chrome to organize resources I need when I hit a block. The projects in the course are challenging and designed in a way that stimulate your problem solving skills and can require you to implement things that may not have been covered fully.

Good luck with the course! How do you feel about exchanging contact info in a PM to make reaching out easier?


If anyone out there is reading this and needs a hand or a partner fell free to give me a shout. I am EST but I keep a ridiculous schedule so you can almost always find me.