VBox Linux command not working


I am in the early stages of the project, and have installed the VM with Ubuntu (I am using windows). Step 3 of prerequisites tells me to type a command in the terminal, at which point I will be asked for a password. I was able to complete this step without a hitch. Step 4 is similar but a different command. when i entered the command
sudo /media/$USER/Vbox*/VboxLinux*.run
it requested a password just like in step 3, but returned an error that such a command doesnt exist.

Id really like to make sure Iget all of these parts correct before i try moving further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey I actually ran into the same issue as you yesterday lol.

$user is referring to your username/account
VBox* is the name of a directory
VboxLinux*.run is a file

The way I found the location was to cd /media and then you can use the “ls” command to look at the files and folders in that location

Then from there you can continue to cd into those locations until you find the VboxLinux*.run
To run the program you do “sudo ./VboxLinux*.run”(whatever the real name of the file is)

Hope this helps and I didn’t confuse you more lol. Good luck.


Hey Danny, I tried what you said but I’m still having issues. The password prompt comes up but it doesn’t let me write anything