V irtual machine give me errors about my settings and says i dont have virtualization enabled, but i checked bios. and its enabled. plss help

I keep getting errors with virtual machine.with these screen shots

What kinds of setbacks will i encounter if i do the course vanilla style with regular windows and vs code and cmd?

ps. i have been developing fine without using this method/system. im new to this so i just want to gauge the dangers of not using vm and ubuntu .

ps. thanks

Hi, also you cant try installing a windows subsystem for linux (wsl). Here is a tutorial.

ps. I dont know what type of problems you can have with wsl2 and the odin project (i supose it depends of the path you choose), i only telling you another option.

You can ask in the discord about the compatibility of wsl and TOP. Probably its better than using only cmd.

ahha, thats a much better answear than i anticipated.
Il try out the WSL. thanks