Using ruby2d gem for chess GUI


I was quite frustrated with the limitations of using the command line for the chess exercise (final project of Ruby Unit), so I used the ruby2d gem to create a GUI. The gem is not without limitations, and is a little buggy, but I found workarounds and I think the final result is OK:

Overview video here … might be useful for students approaching this exercise.

Code and ReadMe here … notes on ruby2d gem near end of ReadMe.


actually this is pretty sweet my friend!
I would also like to mention that your Readme is SUPER and that the number of commits on the project-profile you have on github is extremely good.

Cheers mate keep up the good work!

P.S. even thought it is AMAZING what you have build maybe don’t spend so much time on a single project but focus on a quick run of the curriculum (e.g. the time you spend for the gui-which is extremely nice- could be used learning RoR or sinatra).
The aim of the site is not Ruby as a scripting language but full stack development :wink:
Anyways, amazing what you did cheers!


Thanks so much for the feedback and the advice!

I totally agree with you. I need to move through the material faster. I had realized this recently, in fact. I guess I have been trying to leave a trail of decent portfolio projects, but yeah, have been veering too much towards producing ‘finished products’ and not so much on maximizing my learning of new skills.

Really nice to have someone take the time to look at my work and make the effort to say constructive things. Appreciated :wink: