Using a Windows IDE in WIndows Subsystem for Linux


I had a question about opening files that I have been creating in WSL with particularly ATOM. When reading the prerequisites I remember reading something about how a file is saved or opened that it can delete files and really mess up some files. I have been using nano in WSL to edit files but I’m getting a little bit upset with it and would like to use something more advanced and I think I want to use ATOM to edit files. If there are any suggestions that you have it would be appreciated. Mainly, before I try, how do I open and edit my files without messing up the data and files in WSL???


You can’t edit linux files using windows apps. What you can do is edit windows files in both linux and windows. All this means is you need to save any files on the windows part of your machine. The installation instructions on TOP show you how to set up a Projects folder.