Updating RSpec tests for the Tic Tac Toe project in OOP


I’m surprised there isn’t more chatter in the community regarding the super outdated Tic Tac Toe project article/tutorial.

Have most people cruised through this project? Am I the only one finding the article used as a guide to be in dire need of updating?

At this point I get that Odin Project is all about leading me to resources and then letting me go through the experience of figuring things out on my own, but I feel like the RSpec/tutorial guide is borderline bad. It almost feels like the article is a piece of internet history that is in danger of being deleted or forgotten…

With that said, I’m loving the article (ironic, I know) because I’m learning a TON about RSpec which I’ve wanted to ever since I first learned about it.

Maybe it’s just that at this point in the journey, most of you are strong enough to figure things out on your own. And if that’s the case, why hasn’t there been an update or at least a PR made to the repository for the article?

I don’t know…maybe I’m just being whiny instead of actually making the effort to contribute to the repo myself…

Anyway, thanks for all the awesome resources so far, and keep on keeping on if you’re at this point of your education!


@Marchy I was sort of wondering that too. I was looking at the Git and seen how traffic has slowed down lately. That being said, this is a sort of opensource project that is more a labor of love for people. Why don’t you take the reins and see what changes you can make on the Git side. They want contributions from us, sounds like you have a big one…


The Ruby content is currently being updated and should be released soon. Thanks for the feedback.



The article isn’t THAT bad. Yeah it was written a while ago, but it’s still totally serviceable in terms of introducing RSpec.

I guess after re-reading my original post, I actually sound like I’m blasting the article, but obviously it’s helping a lot of people complete the challenge (me included), so I’m probably making it sound worse than it really is.


I’m currently on this project and feel like I’m missing something… the few posts I’ve found on the forums has everyone talking about rpsec, but rspec isn’t covered until a little ways AFTER this project. Should I skip ahead and do the rspec modules first? I’m confused…


The later lessons have you come back and write the tests for the project. It’s not something you need to worry about now.


@Servante have you continued with this lesson?

After some time has passed, I’ve come back to this lesson, and for the past 10 days or so I’ve been chipping away at it, and I’d love the opportunity to flex my understanding and share what I’ve learned to help someone else.

If you’re still working on it, or if your going through a dry-spell, let me know and I’d be glad to help you get excited about coding again and get through this lesson…


Wow, just finally seeing this message two months later. I apologize, I must have missed the notification for a new reply and haven’t been on the forums for awhile.

I really appreciate the offer, so thank you. I put this project aside for the time being but planning on working through it here soon. I’ll definitely reach out with any questions. Thanks again!


@servante Awesome!

I am very infrequently on the forums, so I understand about missing a notification.

But yeah, I’m happy to provide some guidance.

I feel like this is a really important lesson in the entire curriculum, and feel confident enough to help anyone build a Gem/program with RSpec, that mimics the article here.

To prove I’ve actually completed the Gem, here’s my repo of the program, with RSpec testing. I think you might actually be able to install my Gem on your local machine using: gem install mastermind but I’m not certain