Unsure about which track to choose- already working on javascript- should i move to the ruby course?




I’m getting started today with Odin Project and wanted to know what track I should be taking. I have been working on javascript for a while and wonder if I should start with the ruby course or continue on the javascript track. I am still working on javascript fundamentals, so haven’t moved on to any framework or to DOM manipulation, but I’m just wondering because it feels strange to shift. Is the ruby course going to move into javascript eventually, and if so, are they covering the same material? Which one is more comprehensive?

Thanks for any guidance or insight here!


it doesn’t really matter. if you are comfortable with the javascript track then choose that. the thing about learning programming is that once you cover the basics and learn one language later on you could easily learn another language that has same use purposes. in this case both js and ruby are going to be used for web dev so you will learn the same things. so it would be good if you prepared yourself mentally to learn many new technologies and that shouldn’t be scary. because if you learned one language you can definetly learn another and actually it will be easier. i’m not 100% sure if the ruby course is more comprehensive to be honest since it was the TOP’s main course but i’m sure javascript track wont be causing you to miss out on anything.

Good luck.


I chose Ruby just for something new. Everything else I learn from these days is JavaScript / Nodejs, so why not something to be curious about and explore. Like @imusabi said the language is not the most important thing.