Unable to install Xunbuntu on Virtual machine


Hey guys, I’m on the web development 101 course in Odin project. But I’ve not been able to install Xubuntu on my VM. I got the .iso file from the link on Odin project but when i get to the stage to install xubuntu all i get is just a blue screen with xubuntu icon and that’s the end.


Hey @Wildfire12

How long did it stay like that for?


I got another xubuntu iso file…
But now the installation is crashing…


How much resources does the VM have?

Settings>System>Motherboard for Base Memory,
and Settings>System>Processor for, well, the processors.

I had a rough time setting up the VM at first because my PC automatically disallowed the assignment of extra processors to a virtual machine.

Quick edit just in case: the way that I fixed that was by allowing the assignment in the PC’s BIOS, but, you know, be careful while treading over there.