Trouble merging on github


So I completed a project and added my solution to the page on my repo and submitted the pull request but there’s a merging conflict, (I downloaded the entire course’s repo, wondering if I shouldn’t have done that) I see I’m 1 commit ahead and about 60 behind so I’m assuming it may have something to do with not having updated my own repo, thoughts? Advice? Anything’s welcome, thanks ahead of time!


Usually before you add your solution you need to run something like git pull upstream master to merge anything upstream in the main repo and then you can add your solution and submit.


i’m new to git so this comes with a disclaimer, but something similar has worked for me before…

you could try stashing your local changes:

git stash

then pull from the upstream branch:

git pull origin master

then reapply your local changes:

git stash pop

then try to submit the pull request.

hope that helps!


yeah that solved it, thanks again!