Trouble during a lesson


I’m on the “Practicing Git Basics” lesson on the “Add another file” section, step 2. It says to open your text editor, type a sentence into the file you created, save it, and check the git status to see that the file is now unstaged. I save the file but when I check the git status, all it shows in red is the “hello world.txt” file in red. I’m using VSC as text editor. I saved it by going to File>save in the toolbar. Am I doing something wrong? All previous steps have worked fine.


Excuse my confusion, but do you have a link to the lesson? I’m not sure where you’re following along.

Additionally, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to commit a change?


Hey @LordoftheBeans

That file name in red is showing the file is now unstaged.


I figured it out with the help of discord, but thank you!