Total newbie looking to pair with another very motivated newbie!


Thank You


So, hi! Is there anyone still interested in doing a pair up type of thing for encouraegment and motivation? Because I’m totally down if so. My name is Bee, I’m 26, female, from the U.S. <3 Happy Coding, yo!


Hi I am akash and I too would like to join the group can you tell me how to ?


Hey Bee,

I’m totally down too for the pair up, just looking to find some coding buddies. If you’re interested drop me mail Cheers :smile:


I would like to join the band. I’m moving on the Javascript side



I am dedicating full time to the course and I am also looking for a partner for the projects.

If you are interested give me a shout!

Thank you!


Hi, I am also of the same mind as you.


email me!


Hello Lisa,

I’m Kim and I’m also a newbie. I would love to be in your group. We can help motivate each other! I’m from Scottsdale Arizona in the United States. Great to meet you!


Hi Lisa,

I am game for this pairinng
I would also like to team up with another programmer …
However i have some months of experience under my belt.

What do you say Lisa?


@lisaxo I am trying to pm you my number but i cannot seem to get how to…

However could you pick it from here?

+233577340142 that is the Whatsapp number


Hey Lisa, Here’s My whatsapp number +2348032696369… you can add me to the whatsapp group… also text me directly on whatsapp and let me know its you


Hi, I’m Michael. I’m close to Scottsdale. Are you still doing this program? Feel free to text me 602-448-5588. I’m looking for a local study buddy.


I would love to join the WhatsApp group also.


I’m from Nigeria and my WhatsApp number is+2348034454103. I would greatly appreciate it if i’m included as i’m also new to the Odin project.


The name is Joseph.



My name is Dipanshu, from India, and I have just begun with Web Development.

I’d love to be a part of the group to discuss our progress and discoveries.


Hi Lisa,

I would love to join your group. How can I PM you? could not find any icon in your profile to send a message.