Total newbie looking to pair with another very motivated newbie!


Thank You


So, hi! Is there anyone still interested in doing a pair up type of thing for encouraegment and motivation? Because I’m totally down if so. My name is Bee, I’m 26, female, from the U.S. <3 Happy Coding, yo!


Hi I am akash and I too would like to join the group can you tell me how to ?


Hey Bee,

I’m totally down too for the pair up, just looking to find some coding buddies. If you’re interested drop me mail Cheers :smile:


I would like to join the band. I’m moving on the Javascript side



I am dedicating full time to the course and I am also looking for a partner for the projects.

If you are interested give me a shout!

Thank you!


Hi, I am also of the same mind as you.


email me!


Hello Lisa,

I’m Kim and I’m also a newbie. I would love to be in your group. We can help motivate each other! I’m from Scottsdale Arizona in the United States. Great to meet you!


Hi Lisa,

I am game for this pairinng
I would also like to team up with another programmer …
However i have some months of experience under my belt.

What do you say Lisa?


@lisaxo I am trying to pm you my number but i cannot seem to get how to…

However could you pick it from here?

+233577340142 that is the Whatsapp number


Hey Lisa, Here’s My whatsapp number +2348032696369… you can add me to the whatsapp group… also text me directly on whatsapp and let me know its you