Total newbie looking to pair with another very motivated newbie!


Hey Alex,

Pm me your whatsapp number! Would love for you to join us


Hey Wael,

Pm me your whatsapp number and we can start the pairing!


Thank you


Hey Maria,

Great to hear form you.
Please send me your whatsapp number or your email address and we can get in touch


Hey Nathalie,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please send me your whatspp number.


Hi Vishal,

I was on vacation. Only returned today! I have sent you a whatsapp message. I am waiting for other people to send their number also so we may form this group.


Hi there Udaipur,

Thank for getting in touch. It would be great to have you in our group or to even chat one to one. Please PM your whatsapp number so I may add you when the group is formed.

Happy Learning!


Yeah would appreciate that, number is +91 8769254249


I dont have’ one yet i will tell you when i get one


Hey Lisa,
I’m also relatively new to web development. I’ll love to work with you in a development environment.
I promise to keep you motivated in your ventures as long as you do the same for me!


Hi darlin’
here Stefano from Italy…i’m traveller and i’m newbie like you!! enjoy and join!! ahahah


I love that! Let’s connect!

Please PM me your whatsapp number! We have a small group of motivated individuals going!


Hi there Lisa,

Im quiet interested on this small group or paired learning … Have u started making a group? If yes then let me joi n :slight_smile:
Im Ben ,from Philippines


Hi there! I am Aameer from India. I would love to join your group. Please add me in your whatsapp group.


Hey Ben,

We already have a small group going! Please PM me your whatsapp number to join!


Hey Aameer,

Thanks for getting in touch! Please PM me your whatsapp number so I may add you!


@lisaxo How can I PM you ?


@nebula001Click on her picture and from the pop up click the message button.


Hi there,
I’m Shafrazi from Sri Lanka, I’m just few months in to coding and would like to join your group.


Hey Shafrazi!

Thanks for getting in touch. Please PM me the number you use for whatsapp so I may add you.