Total newbie looking to pair with another very motivated newbie!



I’m Lisa and I am a total newbie to the coding world. I only began learning how to code 5 days ago. I have so far just completed The Basics section on Web Development 101.

I’m from London and I’m looking to pair up with anyone from any part of the world as long as you are motivated and determined. I wouldn’t mind forming a small group on whatsapp or even have one to one conversations.

Please reply to me so we can get talking! I am eager to link up with other newbies!


Hi there , my name is Wael from Tunisia. I just started like you, and I’ve been hearing all over the forum about this pair programming thing, yet I have no idea how it’s done. If you explain it to me maybe I’ll be willing to participate :wink:


the simplest thing to do is to just pm each other/skype/messanger but if you want it to take it to the next level(I think there is no rush for now but anyway)
check this out

Cheers, keep it up :100:


Thank you very much for the response. Pair programming seems really interesting. I think I’ll give it a shot sometime.


Hi lisa, vishal here
I have also started coding recently and am also curious about pair programming


Hello! I am starting today(for the second time) and hoping to continue further with some communication and friends. Is there an Odin Project discord? A quick search didn’t lead to anything for me. Feel free to PM me anytime as I hopefully catch up some through the next few days going through this material the second time.


Hello , I am also a newbie and would love to connect with you…


Hey Lisa,

I am Chris, I studied computer science at uni but have lost all of those development skills and after 5 years in roles that haven’t really done it for me I am looking to get back into coding.

I am really determined to get cracking and will be putting a lot of time in (also in London).

Would be cool to have a contact to grab a coffee with or pair program so let me know !


Hey there Lisa!

My name is Joe, from Pittsburgh, and I’m a total beginner as well. I just finished the HTML and CSS Basics from The Front End section of Web Development 101.

This is so much fun, right? This is the first subject I’ve ever studied with which I’ve become totally engrossed - spending over eight hours the last few days working through the coursework.

It’s a wonderful idea to start a group to discuss our progress and discoveries. I’d love to be a part of it!


Hey Vishal,

Thanks for getting in touch! Would you like to inbox me the number you use for whatsapp so I can get in contact?


Hey RayJay,

I’m not sure about an Odin Project discord you know. I’ll be sure to PM. Do you use whatsapp?
If so, please inbox me your number so we can get in touch



As newbies let’s connect! Would you like to PM me your whatsapp number?


Hey Chris,

That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll pick it up very quickly. I’m a total newbie and would love to get in touch. Can you PM me your whatsapp number please?


Hey Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I think a group would be an awesome way to discuss our progress and encourage each other. Have you got a whatsapp number?


Hi @lisaxo

It’s great you are motivated to have some accountability. Let us know how you get on forming the group to work with and what works for you guys and what doesn’t work. We are always thinking of ways to try and get people together but it’s difficult as everyone learns at their own pace.

Good luck!


I am willing to link up with you


Hello! My name is Maria. I’m from Russia. Please add me to the WhatsApp group. I want to learn with you. I started and drop out learn. I very want to finish The Odin Project.


Hi, I’m Nathalie and I’m also interested in joining your group! I started coding a couple of months back and so far have been doing it all on my own since none of the people I know can help me out. I’d love to have some coding buddies!


Hello friends,
it seems no action
Please message me your whatsapp numbers, I will form a group


Hey there !
I am from Udaipur, India.
It’s a great city nicknamed ‘city of lakes’ and I am also completely new to the world of coding and problem solving, would be great to learn and progress on making this world a better place than we found it and technology can truly democratize and scale that vision for every one from any part of the world.
would look forward to discuss more on doubts and sessions of extensive learning.
Have a great learning time.