Time for TOP to cut ties with CodeAcademy?


So I’ve just had an email from Code Academy giving me a month free premium because some of the intermediate courses I’m on (I’m only on those recommended / used by The Odin Project) will be moving to premium only soon.

I have to admit, it was literally only the other day I was thinking to myself “TOP really should have the content on their own website as opposed to using third parties” and this thought is only being reinforced now. This is a slippery slope, only the other day I was thinking that it’s a matter of time before some of the courses recommended here on TOP will be made premium only on CA.

I know it’s a lot of content to create and it only adds to the difficulty with most of the content being video related as well but maybe the community can help or a crowd funding intuitive can be put together but I think it’s the most sensible decision to secure TOP’s future success to not rely on third parties to deliver any part of the curriculum.

Any thoughts?


I’m barely in the beginning and haven’t come across FCC, but why not use Freecodecamp’s lessons?


I’m not familiar with Code Academy, but I think TOP does a great job of exposing interested people (like you and me!) to different resources that are out there, like CodeCademy, etc.

What TOP should do is really a moot argument; TOP does what TOP does. It’s a volunteer operation, and I’ve benefited from it tremendously.

With that said, I think your argument was a long the lines of TOP creating their own proprietary content. I mean, there are a lot of volunteers doing a lot already. This is an open-source project. Feel free to contribute?

I mean, if it seems like it’s a big undertaking (like creating an entire suite of content such as CC) that’s because it IS a big undertaking.

And using the existing service is a great analogy to the idea of programming/coding in general: think of it as using a library, or…wait for it… a GEM! LOL