Teacher. New Dad. Just starting the Odin Project. Looking for companions to learn and code with


Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I am 31 years old, recently married, and a new dad (5 month old boy). I’m currently a learning technology integrator for a school system and I previously taught upper level math (high school/community college) in Virginia. I’m just beginning the Odin Project and would like to find a partner or some friends to join me.

I can commit anywhere from 3-10 hours per week on the course depending on how busy life gets. On my summer vacation I can commit a little more time. My usual work times are evenings after the family is in bed or some time on the weekend #dadlife. I’d love to find someone else that is working around the same pace through the course and we could learn together, chat, pair program and keep each other motivated and accountable. I’m a quick learner, dependable, and a self taught type of learner. Super easy going and enjoy any outdoors activities.

If it sounds like you’d be working at the same pace, lets get a little community or just a partnership going and learn to code!


Hi Eric, my name is Dennis and I’m from Perú :smile:, I’d like to work with you and learn together, I’m quite experienced but I’m still improving my spoken English (mostly slangs and idioms and a little bit of grammar) but in general I have no issue at talking with a native speaker so I think, based on your description we could be a good fit for this. let’s hangout one of these days, let me know :pray:
BTW (I’m free at nights and over the weekends and my timezone is GMT-5), I think yours is kind of similar.
Dennis Huillca (github.com/dennisbot)


Sounds good Dennis. I just got to the first intro Ruby on Rails project and Heroku.

Let’s chat some evenings this week? I’m on EST in Virginia, USA.


Y estoy apprediendo Español. Hablo un poco de español ahora.


Hey Eric and Dennis!

I’m Erin. 32 years old, fairly new mom (15 month old girl), new to programming and Odin, and looking to make a career switch. I did a little bit of graphic design after college, but became a dental hygienist when my husbands job was moving us around quite a bit and just kind of searching for a little more creativity and intellectual stimulation in a career path. Happy to talk out any baby concerns as well if you or your wife are ever freaking out about anything. The first year is great and crazy all at the same time, for sure. I have a similar #momlife schedule, so hopefully this will be good for all of us.


Hi Erin and Eric,

I’m 31 years old, not a parent but working full-time. I recently picked up coding in February and have done some of the modules on Freecodecamp. I found Odin last week and I love the community aspect of it.

I’m from California (Pacific time) - I study on my lunch breaks 2-3pm and them some more at night 8-11pm.

We may all be working at a different pace, but it is nice to meet some others that are around my age and beginning this journey for the first time.

Feel free to connect with me here, on Twitter ( @zachary_romo ) or Discord ( zachary_romo#6559 )


Hi Eric. I’m Joe and I live in New Zealand. Congrats on starting a family with your spouse! :smiley:

I’m married with five kids and I’m turning 36 this year. I work as a web content specialist. I’m hoping to learn some programming/web development skills that I can use to do my job better or efficiently. Maybe even automate some of the tedious things I have to do.

Best of luck and let’s see this through together.


Hey Dennis, Erin, Joe, and Zach.

I look forward to going on this journey with you all. It is exciting that we are from all over the world!

If you have not yet downloaded Discord, do so and add me (eric1221cire#0456)!

Once we all get on Discord, lets use that as our main chat method. How is everyone’s progress coming along and how do you feel about the Odin Project so far?

*I just finished the first major lesson on the Ruby on Rails application and moving into the Git/Github lesson. My initial reaction is that there is a lot to learn, but once you learn it, it unlocks so much ability to create!


Sorry for the delay, it seems that the notify feature is not working on this forum I just came back to see how it went and I’m glad to see a lot of people here, it would be better to create a group or something similar in Discord (which is a new platform for me), in the meantime I will be adding to those who shared their discord id here, I hope to chat at least some time since I’m kind of busy nowadays, maybe hanging around for a while in order to agree on building a new challenge together, hope to see you soon, cheers!.
Discord contact: dennisbot#7421
PD: just ping me and hangout for a while (if by then I’m available)


Hi everyone,
I’m new here as well! I currently work as an account manager in the insurance industry but I’m looking to make the jump into the tech world which has led me to Odin. I’m 34 and a mother of two daughters aged 9 and 1. My husband is a school librarian and he is getting his PhD in Learning Technology. I’m currently getting my MBA and will graduate in May but my ultimate goal is to get out of a customer service and get a full time job working remotely. I’ve had ‘learning to program’ on my To-Do list for years now. Though, I sometimes think that I’m not smart enough to learn it or that I’m to late in the game, I can already see myself getting better–just learning Git has been fun! I’m up for partnering with whoever wants to! I’m still in the WebDev 101, but my github is https://github.com/imleesha


Hey guys

I’m Freddy form Venezuela(right now in Mexico). 33 years old, fairly new to programming and Odin, and looking to make a career switch. hope to get the best of the course and get alone well


Hey Eric!

My name is Yassin and i am from The Netherlands and currently traveling in New Zealand. I would like to join you on your coding journey and meet other people who are also on the same learning path! I am currently still fairly at the beginning (HTML/CSS).

best wishes :smiley: