Teacher. New Dad. Just starting the Odin Project. Looking for companions to learn and code with


Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I am 31 years old, recently married, and a new dad (5 month old boy). I’m currently a learning technology integrator for a school system and I previously taught upper level math (high school/community college) in Virginia. I’m just beginning the Odin Project and would like to find a partner or some friends to join me.

I can commit anywhere from 3-10 hours per week on the course depending on how busy life gets. On my summer vacation I can commit a little more time. My usual work times are evenings after the family is in bed or some time on the weekend #dadlife. I’d love to find someone else that is working around the same pace through the course and we could learn together, chat, pair program and keep each other motivated and accountable. I’m a quick learner, dependable, and a self taught type of learner. Super easy going and enjoy any outdoors activities.

If it sounds like you’d be working at the same pace, lets get a little community or just a partnership going and learn to code!


Hi Eric, my name is Dennis and I’m from Perú :smile:, I’d like to work with you and learn together, I’m quite experienced but I’m still improving my spoken English (mostly slangs and idioms and a little bit of grammar) but in general I have no issue at talking with a native speaker so I think, based on your description we could be a good fit for this. let’s hangout one of these days, let me know :pray:
BTW (I’m free at nights and over the weekends and my timezone is GMT-5), I think yours is kind of similar.
Dennis Huillca (github.com/dennisbot)


Sounds good Dennis. I just got to the first intro Ruby on Rails project and Heroku.

Let’s chat some evenings this week? I’m on EST in Virginia, USA.


Y estoy apprediendo Español. Hablo un poco de español ahora.