Super noob looking for friends or communities or just people to understand what I'm talking about (:


After finally getting the brain surgery I’ve needed and recovering I have decided to delve into my love of science and technology!

I have a huge interest in artificial intelligence and brain-computer interface, so I am trying to figure out what I can do with that in school and a career. Before I had a clear goal of going into radiology, specifically an interventional radiology tech, then exploring the radiology field from there… so now that has completely changed and I’m pretty lost. For now I am just starting at the basics and working my way up to learn some programming languages and some computer science basics.

So if anyone can suggest any discords or other communities, want to be partners or anything that sounds fun! Not sure how that works but I’d love to have someone on the same level to talk to about these things with, since trying to talk about this stuff usually goes over peoples heads around me lol. (hope i format this right oof)

Thanks for reading (:

TLDR; new af to this, interested in AI and BCI, need friends


I totally understand you. It’s hard discussing tech and computer science with people that has no interest in it.
As far as AI goes, I have seen too many movies, so I’m a bit scared :slight_smile:

There is a discord group for The Odin Project. I found it around here somewhere.
Im at discord hoftun #2247, if you want to have a chat.

I learned and played with some c++ 20 years ago. Did some web and stuff too.
Now I’m back to fresh up on coding. Starting with web, probably going to back-end and then we’ll see. Just a hobby for now, but always a possibility for a late career change.


Reddit has a great community and many good people in every category, you can ask them about anything (also don’t trust everyone)
if you wanna ask about something in programming in general r/learnprogramming
if you’re in AI more check this r/artificial
you can also read and discover more on your own and you will figure many many things on your way


Computer Science:
Learn Python, it’s a great programming language for beginners and for AI, and you can slowly move to TensorFlow.
python basics:

There are like 50+ discord channels I’m on and usually check there to ask a question or give a quick help. So if you need them, send me your discord tag… and I’ll add you to those servers.

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Hello, maybe the link to our discord community is not visible enough. Here it is again:

I’d be glad to welcome you there!