Stuck on "bundle install --without production"


Brand New Beginner here. I finally made it to the “Deploy a Rails App” page. I get through everything in step 2.2, except for the “bundle install --without production” part.

Twice I’ve tried to get it to run and it just doesn’t. Here’s how it looks in my Command Prompt with Ruby and Rails:

C:\Sites\railsbridge\test_app>bundle install --without production

It’s been going on hour number 2 and it hasn’t produced any console prompt whatsoever.

When I googled it, the closest info I got was that the gemfile was wrong. But it didn’t really seem relevant. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

I just want to get to Step 2.3 today lol.


I suspect Windows might be the culprit here. The course materials did mention that Ruby and Rails tend to misbehave on Windows. I managed to get it done successfully on a Ubuntu installation running on Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Thanks @RudolphMare. Yeah, Windows is definitely being tricky. I haven’t even tried anything to fix the issue yet but yesterday I got an error saying it was having trouble parsing Gemfile 10. And today it doesn’t even recognize I have gems. What a headache! Lol.

I uninstalled RoR, reinstalled it and restarted my laptop, hoping to somehow get it back on track. It did not work lol.

As someone who’s literally never done coding before or installed another OS on a computer before, I’m very hesitant to install Ubuntu or Linux. :sweat:


It’s certainly a steep learning curve, but you’ll be stronger for sticking to it. If you don’t want to do a full Windows installation, try the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) if you have Windows 10 64-bit version. I basically have Linux running on Windows, and I have my Ruby and Rails installations running there. I have my text editor running on windows. If you can’t use WSL, you can try a virtual machine (VM), but that will be a lot slower.

Otherwise, a Mac will make your life a lot easier. Or you could skip the back-end stuff for now. I know that’s a big chunk of information that you’ll miss out on, but you’ll build confidence as you increase your technical know-how bit by bit.


Running a Virtual Machine is as simple as installing Virtual box and installing linux. It’s how most people start out and as they get more comfortable with linux they make the switch. We’d be more than happy to help you out, just give us as shout in the odin chat rooms on gitter. You’ll probably want 1:1 help that the chat provides with any questions.