Step 4.5.1 - VScode problem


Hey there!

I am about to configure the Gem File in VS-Code as prescribed in the tutorial. However, I’m struggling to, both, find my project folder and to run the code command in VSCode.
I’m using a Windows PC in combination with a virtual machine. In previous forum posts I have read that you are to create a symbolic link if using a WSL but this step was not mentioned in the Virtual Machine instructions so I’m uncertain whether that is part of the problem.

Most of all, I cannot remember setting up a project folder to begin with and am also not sure whether to do it manually now and where? My VSCode files are found in /C/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Programs/VScode

Upon typing shell command or code . in the control panel I only receive the error “unknown command”

Hope someone can help!


Did you install linux on the virtual machine?


I only installed Xubuntu


So you need to launch the virtual box and xbuntu and follow all the instructions within that.


Oh alright!

If I run the code . command, the system offers me to download the snap package. Is this what I’m supposed to do then? And thanks a lot for your help!


Can you show a screenshot?


this is what I’ve come across so far


Did you install VS Code only on windows?

A virtual box is a self contained machine, you would need to install the linux version on the virtual machine.


This seemed to have done the trick! Thank you so much!