Starting from ChromeOS and double checking


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Installing VScode on Chromebook


Names Charlie, new to the Odin Project. I’m just starting the first lesson and am working with an HP chromebook that supports the Linux beta, but realized that that version of Linux isn’t sufficient for the type of work I’ll be doing with Odin.

A lot of the information on chromeOS and Linux seems to be contradicting itself with different versions, and I was seeking advice on if the following steps make sense or if I need more information. I’d like to start my sandbox lessons ASAP.

Please let me know if these steps are redundant or incorrect:

-Dual booting Chrome with Gallium via developer mode
-Installing Ubuntu Linux
-Installing VirtualBox
-Installing VScode

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it


I would personally just install GalliumOS and dual boot and leave it at that. So you can use Gallium for your developer work and switch to ChromeOS when you just want to browse the web casually. :}