Spec not found on test drive development


I’m on Test Drive Development at https://www.theodinproject.com/courses/web-development-101/lessons/fundamentals-part-4.
However the instructions on the odin project don’t are actualized. Jasmine return spec not found. I have already seen many other ways to fix it but I mustn’t do like this because the odin project says at many times "Just do what we tell you not what the terminal DOS says.
Thus I have stuck here.


Can we see a screenshot of your terminal please?

We do encourage people to troubelshoot their own issues so if you have a fix then go for it. What we mention is that for the installations section you should follow the instructions because there are a lot of people who throw a sudo onto commands which then installs things incorrectly.



I hope it can help the Odin Project.


You need to cd into the sumAll folder before running the jasmine command I think