Someone wants a pair?


Name: Luiz Guilherme
Timezone: BRT
Available Times: 2pm to 12am
Language: English, Portuguese.
Further Information: You can add me with my email address This is my first attempt at pair programming, we can use slack/discord for communication, let me know if you prefer some other platform. I’m still completing the Web Dev 101 section of the Odin Project, but have no experience prior so I am looking to learn from/with someone on this. Thank you for your interest.


Hello! I’m in EST so I’m only an hour behind you, and that range looks perfect to me. I’m also new and still working on Web Dev 101, with very little prior experience beyond an HTML course. If you like, I’d be interested in pairing, though it depends on how fast you want to progress because I also work full-time. Full free to add me at if you haven’t already settled with a partner :slight_smile:


Hi Bharune,

I am new to programming (have little experience with HTML/CSS). Just found out about Odin Project and going to start it tomorrow. Let me know if you would like to pair up (I work full time as well) and in PST.


I don’t really know how the pairing projects work since I’m not there yet, but Luiz did email me that he’s interested. But he’s way ahead of me in lessons anyway, and as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many people to work with and bounce code off of <3

I would feel better pairing with someone who also works full time because I might be too slow. XD Do you have a Skype or Discord where we could discuss it further?


Hey Bharune I’m working full time right now as well, I’d be game to do this with you I feel like it shouldnt take more than a couple nights


Sure thing! Feel free to email me or add me on Skype at the username Bharune and we.can discuss it further :3

It’ll probably be a couple of days before I can progress in TOP, and I’m currently working on Installfest now. I look forward to hearing from you!


okok In that case I might have to start on it now ! haha Im to ancey.


I’m antsy too xD I just have to finish an art commission for this guy first. But I’ve been taking notes on the basics of JavaScript on my phone during downtime at work, so once I get started in TOP I’ll be ready to go go go >D

Is there something in particular you’re hoping to use your new programming skills for? Are you looking for a career change or is there something specific you’re aspiring to make?


Beginner here, just looking to hone my skills in JavaScript. my skype is aliasaj91 and my email is


Hey guys.
Hey Luiz.

I’m also from Brazil.
Still doing Web Dev 101 too. My email is