Someone in the United States to go through the Web Dev 101 course together


What’s up! I am looking for someone to go through the Web Dev101 course with.

I have been into computers my whole life, I am 20 years old and currently living in California.

I want someone in the United States who is also an adult and truly wanting to make coding their career. I want to talk and hangout over Discord while we code together and get through this Course.

I play video games in groups and I sure get a lot more done when I work with others too. I want to find a rough time in the evenings you would like to hop on discord with me and code.

I am married and have a career already in place so some nights things may get in the way. I am looking for seriously dedicated computer lovers.

hit me up in discord if youre interested in doing the Web dev 101 course!

Discord: FireHaven#4934


Discord: FireHaven#4934