Some interactive lessons are not available for free anymore on CodeCademy


Hello All,

First of all, I am very happy to be part of TOP, it’s such a great place to learn I have just started 2 weeks ago but my learning adventure has been amazing so far.

I have currently reached the Git Basis chapter in the Web Development 101 Course. One of the assignments on this chapter is to complete the first lesson from the Basic Git Workflow course on CodeCademy. However, it turns out to complete this lesson, I have to sign up for the PRO account which is not for free.

I recently got an email from CodeCademy that they will switch some of their Intermediate and Advanced courses to Codecaemdy PRO starting September 4th .
I’m guessing that prior to yesterday, this course was available for free. I’m also not sure but there may be other courses which are impacted by that change.

Does this not defy the whole purpose of TOP as it should be a free course / tutorial ?
Maybe we have to find another interactive website with similar assignments to replace CodeCademy ?

Let me know your thoughts here please ?
Did anyone else experience this problem in other courses?

EDIT : I just saw on the TOP github page that they are aware of the issue


Yes i am currently having that issue with the exact same course as you. Hoping the admins here would do dosmething about it.


This is one of the resources they link to in their conversation about possible replacement resources:

I found it quite helpful as it visualizes the Git work flow and works you through a series of scenarios. I feel more comfortable with several of the Git commands after spending time there.


This is a list of the courses they are moving to Pro.

Web Development:

Learn Node-SQLite
Learn Ruby on Rails
Introduction to jQuery
Learn Sass
Deploy a Website
Learn Responsive Design
Learn Express
Learn Color Design
Asynchronous JavaScript
Ruby on Rails: Authentication

Data Science:

SQL: Analyzing- Business Metrics
SQL: Table Transformation
Learn Statistics With Python

Computer Science:

Introduction to Blockchain
Learn the Watson API
Learn The Command Line
Learn Git