SOLVED! VM installation problem: Xubuntu Guest Additions on Virtualbox (Win10 host), black screen

I just started TOP and I am already stuck with installation. Spent hours googling but to no avail.

  • I am using a Win10 PC, with 16gb RAM.
  • I installed Virtualbox on my C drive, and created the Xubuntu VM on my second SSD, where I have about 80Gb free space (assigned 20Gb to the VM).
  • I can start the VM and everything seems to go smoothly.
  • When I type the command to install Guest Additions in the terminal window, it seems to start fine, but then the screen turns black, no cursor, just pure black screen.
  • If after a while I reset the VM, on restart I get the very first Xubuntu splash screen then it turns to black again.

I have tried this three times, once reinstalling Xubuntu, once erasing the VM and creating a new one. Same result.
I googled this for hours, found many different problems and solutions, but nothing about this.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Leaving the post in case anyone else ever has my problem.
My mistake was in setting up Virtualbox. The Odin Project’s tutorial does not say when setting up the Machine to go to Settings > Display > and change Video Memory from the default (1).
Now, I set it to the max (128) and everything works. If anyone can explain this to me and suggest an optimal setting, that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Legend, been struggling with this all night. Thanks!

Thanks for the post, and good to know. I haven’t yet managed the VM install. Looking forward to getting it done.

Thank you for leaving this post up!
Saved me from a lot of pain… :sweat_smile: :grin:

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Hi I would like to add that if you had enabled 2 monitors before running commands on the terminal window, when you reboot, you may be stuck with a black screen also. The way to solve this is either by shutting the VM down and then switching back to 1 monitor or just enable the 2nd monitor in the “view” section.