[solved] Ubuntu 18 & 19


During the setup process the documentation for TOP recommends version 18 and gives a link for the download. I tried to use it but could not get the unity sidebar to appear no matter what I tried.

A lot of videos on YouTube comments claimed to have success making it appear but none worked. I read through post on Ubuntu pages. Still nothing worked. I tried many things. Most of which I can’t even remember now to be able to describe. Lots of things in the command console. I managed to download the unity plugin and had it checked in ccsm but it never appeared. I complete reinstall also was not effective.

In the end the only thing that did end up working was installing version 19 which strangely has a shorter support life though it’s the newer release, which doesn’t make sense to me. Also with this version I believe it uses gnome instead of unity.

This has been my first experience with using this OS so it’s very new to me and kinda confusing at times. Makes me feel pretty dumb since I know Windows so we’ll.

My question is does the version I chose to use matter in regards to the curriculum or am I going to run into issues because of this? I would have stuck with the recommendation if it hadn’t of been for the several hours I spent trying to troubleshoot version 18 to no avail.

The latest version installed with zero issues and has been running perfectly so if it won’t cause any issues I’d prefer to just stick with it.

I hope I did a good job of explaining this. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I’m just getting started here too, but luckily I have been using Ubuntu for a few years already.

Ubuntu 19.xx is the latest available public release of Ubuntu (you may see it referred to as Eoan Ernie). Functionally 18 and 19 should be pretty much the same, but there will always be some upgrades using the later version notably in this one the switch to the GNOME desktop as oppose to the Unity desktop in 18.

I’m gonna make an educated guess that you can’t get a sidebar working because Unity does not really exist anymore in Ubuntu, but this should be ok.

I’m gonna go through the setup now on 19 and see how it goes, if I find any issues i’ll leave another note here.

As a side note: Ubuntu releases an update every 10 months or so and they guarantee updates for that release for a year or so. For people that don’t want to have to update their OS every year, they have a Long Term Support (LTS) release every 2 years that is guaranteed updates for 4 years, and 18.xx is one of these versions. They are generally more stable but won’t have all the features of a newer version.

Good luck,


Thank you for the reply and the info. Yes. That is exactly what my issue was regarding the sidebar. Not a huge deal but was doing a number on my OCD.

Just couldn’t handle not having it and no matter what I did could not get it to show. After much consideration I decided to try 19 and it worked without a hitch. I was just worried that I would have issues by using a newer version in regards to the curriculum but it sounds like I won’t.

I’ve spent the last couple of days now just getting used to Linux and what it has to offer and haven’t officially started the lessons only the installation ones. I must say I wish I had tried it years ago.

Windows OS is loaded with bloatware nowadays that’s integrated with the OS and makes it difficult to remove like Cortana and the Xbox game bar. Both useless in my opinion, though others may not agree and might find them useful. I could go on but I won’t.

I actually in the process of trying to figure out how to make a bootable flashdrive so I can convert my OS to Linux on my laptop.

The PC I mainly use at home is a desktop from Alienware which is mostly used for gaming so I likely won’t be doing a full convert on that unfortunately but my other desktop I use for a sever for my Plex media will eventually be converted to Linux as well.

Anyways take care. P. S. Do let me know if you find any issues between the two releases. Cheers.